Marshall Law

The Marshalls, married odd couple and small-town cops, juggle a marriage counselling session, their son’s parent/teacher meeting and apprehending a shoplifter. Welcome to their world.

Produced with a grant awarded by bravoFACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent), a division of Bell Media Inc.

Creative team

Writer: Noah Aiken-Klar
Director: Matt Sadowski
Producers: Gerhard Gouws, Matt Hilliard-Forde, Nicole Hilliard-Forde, Justin Kelly

Filmmaker’s statement

Marshall Law is an oddity on my filmography, as it’s a film I didn’t write and characters I didn’t create.

But when Motel Pictures brought the project to me, I fell in love with the concept and characters, knowing full well who I wanted to play the lead roles. I was very fortunate and humbled to get real life husband and wife Mike Beaver and Jennifer Baxter to play husband and wife police partners Mike and Barb Marshall.

Marshall Law was created by husband and wife team Noah and Emma Aiken-Klar and developed with husband and wife Matt and Nicole Hilliard-Forde.

Being married AND working with my wife, the Marshalls’ situation hit close to home and I’m hoping it does with other couples as well. We all know a thing or two about raising kids, working together and staying married.”

About Matt Sadowski

Matt Sadowski

Matt Sadowski’s short films have won awards and played around the world, including The Toronto International Film Festival and Cannes.

With two feature films under his belt, one being a documentary on filmmaker John Hughes, Don’t You Forget About Me, Matt is just about to release his third,  a romantic comedy titled Pretend We’re Kissing.

Matt is a graduate of NSI Drama Prize.

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