House for Sale

A stranger shows up at a suburban house that’s for sale, but not to buy the house.

Creative team

Writer/director: Eisha Marjara
Co-producers: Eisha Marjara, Etienne Desrosiers

Filmmaker’s statement

House for Sale is not a film about real estate or a sales transaction.

Itʼs about the meaning of home. More precisely, itʼs about the desire to be at home with someone and build a life with them. ʻHomeʼ in that sense is based on love and emotional connection and not a place.

The film challenges traditional relationships and marriage by introducing a protagonist that is far from conventional.

I wanted to introduce a character that didn’t fit the traditional mould as a romantic lead. Salim/Tracie is bi-gender; s/he presents as male and as female, transitioning between both genders throughout the film and skirting his/her own dual nature in a fairly conservative white, middle class suburb from which s/he feels excluded.

His/her struggle is therefore much harder than most to belong and find love that is open-minded and real.

House for Sale is also a story of secrets and betrayal and the meaning of commitment which requires one to be honest about who they are to themselves and those they love.

And ultimately itʼs about choosing integrity and truth over romantic ideals of love and (be)longing.”

About Eisha Marjara

Eisha Marjara

With a background in photography, Montreal-based filmmaker Eisha Marjara has written and directed several award-winning films including The Incredible Shrinking Woman and the feature NFB docudrama Desperately Seeking Helen, which received the jury prize at the München Dokumentarfilm Festival and the critic’s choice award at the Locarno Film Festival.

The Tourist (2006) was nominated for best short at the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto shortly after its release.

The suburban drama House for Sale has received over seven awards at various international film festivals.

Eisha is currently developing features Venus and Calorie and has completed her first novel Faerie.

She is also a current NSI Features First student.

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