Rick is a married man in a dilemma when he encounters a charismatic woman named Chelsea. Chelsea isn’t shy in letting him know she wants more than just casual banter and Rick faces a temptation that may cost him more than his marriage.

Creative team

Writer/director: Rob Hillstead
Co-producers: Hugh Patterson, Bernie Hernando (Echolands Creative Group), Rob Hillstead

Filmmaker’s statement

“Chelsea was a little film shot in a weekend in 2011 with the backing of an amazing crew and cast.

Thanks to Hugh and Bernie for producing the short, and special thanks to Levi and Mandy for the amazing onscreen chemistry. So many talented people worked on this film.”

About Rob Hillstead

Rob Hillstead

Rob Hillstead is a filmmaker from Sakatchewan, Canada.

He has produced, created and shot several short films both collaboratively and individually over the last 10 years in addition to maintaining a professional career as a film technician on big-budget movies and television series.

Right now, he’s working away diligently on his first dramatic feature-length film which he directed, a romance-horror called Blossoms.

Keep your eyes peeled for his first feature-length doc Balikbayan: Victims to Survivors, about the recovery of a small Filipino orphanage from Typhoon Yolanda.

Both films are deep in post-production and will appear later this year on Vimeo.

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