Caged Innocents

Caged Innocents goes inside two brothels in Mumbai, India to uncover stories from three women who’ve been subjected to human trafficking and sex slavery.

Creative team

Writer/director: Nina Bains
Co-producers: Nina Bains, Karim Ayari

Filmmaker’s statement

“Writing this film was one thing, but then having to seek out and meet with [the people who’ve lived through these experiences] was the most heart-wrenching experience of my life.

1.5 million men, women and children go missing every year to be sold for mere dollars into the largest brothels of the world. It’s heartbreaking to hear these stories and even more heartbreaking to share them knowing very little will happen to help these [people].”

About Nina Bains

Nina Bains

Nina Bains was born and raised in Toronto but later moved to Ottawa where she discovered a niche market for film and entertainment.

Her exposure to Indian and North American films drove her to seek out foreign films from around the world. And she has travelled the world connecting with people whose stories need to be heard.

Most recently she spent time (undercover) in the world’s largest brothel in India talking to sex workers and trafficked women for her directorial debut Caged Innocents.

Nina is the founder and executive of the Ottawa International Film Festival. Her work as a producer/director has allowed Nina to provide professional experiences for film enthusiasts. From the conceptualization of an idea to the birth of it, Nina sees a project through to its end and then more. The bolder the idea, the more exciting it is to her.

“Everyone and everything has a story to be told and, no matter how difficult it is to tell, sometimes you just have to tell it the way it is.” ~ Nina Bains


  1. Nina

    The film is now available for everyone to watch (link above)

    Thanks so much for your support. A victim of human trafficking just got in touch with me to let me know how this short film affected her. That was pretty intense but I’m glad that we are acknowledging this is happening around the world and talking about it.

  2. Heather Smith-Hanna

    Pure courage and intelligence to produce a film of this dark nature…may it open the eyes of the world

  3. BigMar

    Wow, this opened up my eyes to something that I didnt even know. Great job, Nina. This mustve been hard to make.

  4. Ashley

    Such a moving documentary on a subject so under-reported or discussed. Heartbreaking and eye opening.

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  6. This film could not have been easy to make. Bravo, Nina Bains, for bringing this important issue to the public in such a compelling way!

  7. AJ

    A very eye-opening and interesting subject matter to cover. What a fantastic and daring project this was. I am very excited to see more of what you create. Keep up the fantastic work.

  8. OhYa

    Great Film! A definite must see!

  9. I can’t wait to see the final cut! Nina is such an amazing, passionate person, and I can only imagine how well it will translate into this picture.

  10. dan

    Very excited to see this film as part of NSI Online! Such an important issue and a beautiful film!

  11. An important topic taken on by a talented and impassioned filmmaker–looking forward to seeing it.

  12. René

    Releasing this doc may be well timed in light of the most recent mass kidnappings in Africa. This is a dirty and disgusting business that requires more exposure. Hopefully public education of these inhumane atrocities will help to bring about change and intervention.

  13. I am so eager to see this piece. Nina is such a beautiful, talented, and determined filmmaker. Her ability to connect will undoubtedly make this documentary a memorable and important experience for all.

  14. Mac

    Looks great Nina, you’ve got me wanting to see more. Looking forward to the full doc!

  15. gloria kazda

    It’s an important subject and a must see.

  16. Really excited to see this!

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