At the advice of her mother, a troubled teenager agrees to host a graduation party.

Creative team

Writer/director: Cody Bown
Producer: Luke Barlow

Filmmaker’s statement

“I wanted to pay respect to my hometown of Fort McMurray, Alberta by telling a story influenced by how some of my friends and I grew up.

I collected and consulted friends of mine about things that happened to us while we were growing up, and how these experiences shaped us.

Each character is inspired by someone I’ve known my whole life and the situations are collections of  memories (good and bad) that each one of us has lived with.

It’s very important to tell stories that mean something to me by drawing on real life instances and situations.”

About Cody Bown

Cody Bown

Cody Bown was born and raised in the ever-inspiring oil city of Fort McMurray.

He has lived in Vancouver for the last seven years and continues to tell stories that are influenced by his hometown.

Right now Cody is directing and producing for his boutique production company, Indien Summer, which aims to help directors put their hearts on the screen.

He’s had a busy year, producing the films Entertainment (2014 Cannes) and Flash in addition to writing, directing and producing his latest film Wool which completed photography in March 2014.

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