Sex on Wheels

Sex on Wheels documents the role that cycling plays in one woman’s quest for love in the big city.

Amanda, who has never learned to ride a bike, is convinced that balancing on two wheels will lead to romance.

A lighthearted look at bike culture among hip, urban 20-somethings.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Amanda Feder

Filmmaker’s statement

“I was 25 years old and I didn’t know how to ride a bike. This had been a well-guarded secret up to that point in my life.

As a kid, the minute I was invited out for a bike ride I would develop a stomachache. In high school, when my friends talked mountain bikes, I would just smile and nod. As an adult, I didn’t even tell boyfriends. If a partner suggested a romantic bike ride, my counter offer would be of the carnal knowledge variety. No questions asked.

However, after living in Toronto for six years, the thriving pulse of the bike community was impossible to ignore.

I watched with envy as beautiful women biked by, relishing the breeze on hot summer nights; the bike couriers in coffee shops gabbing about their new gear over steaming Americanos; the activists singing and dancing before a rowdy critical mass crowd.

I began to admire cyclists from afar, to be intimidated by them, and to see them as defining pure, untouchable ‘cool.’

And then I fell in love with one. He was clearly a cyclist, marked by his endearingly-matted helmet hair. I tried to lock eyes with the tall, dark stranger at a party for nearly an hour. But the object of my affection was too busy looking at the woman to my left with a bike lock dangling from her fingers. This was the last straw.

And so Sex on Wheels was born, the documentary that follows my journey of learning to ride a bike. A journey plagued by my conviction that cycling will not only bring me eternal happiness, but the love of a tall dark stranger as well.

A little film with big expectations.”

About Amanda Feder

Amanda Feder

Amanda Feder is currently completing an MA in media studies at Concordia University.

Previously she worked as a researcher and production coordinator for Storyline Entertainment, an award-winning documentary film production company.

She also wrote and produced short segments for television including CNN International.

Her short films have screened internationally and won numerous awards.

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