Jacqueline Ultimatum

Panicked, Jacqueline thinks that spies are following her into a park.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Patrick Aubert
Other producer: Kino’00

Filmmaker’s statement

Patrick Aubert says:

“I made this film in one week during the Kino Kabaret of Montreal, a 10-day event organized by Kino, a group of young filmmakers. Each year, it gathers filmmakers and actors from around the world. More than 40 short films are made during that period.

I was inspired by my own grandmother who considers her dog as her child. She also has a very special way of seeing the outside world.

I mixed her personal experiences with my passion for action films, especially the Jason Bourne trilogy directed by the amazing Paul Greengrass. My film deals with dementia and paranoia in a humorous way, but is ultimately very sad.

It’s pretty tragic, actually.”

About Patrick Aubert


Born in Quebec city, Patrick Aubert studied film production at Concordia University.

His student film Before Sunset won two awards for outstanding achievement in directing and editing.

He has written and directed nine films as a Kino member. His action comedy Jacqueline Ultimatum won the best comedy award at the WatchOut! Tetovo Film Festival, the International Abitibi-Témiscamingue Film Festival, the Fantasia Film Festival and the Alberta Shorty Film Festival.

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