Bread & Kisses

A lonely mathematician, struggling to solve an equation finds a solution in an unexpected way – by taking baking classes.

The two women who teach him awaken his senses, rekindle his zest for life and show him the value of balancing his head with his heart.

Creative team

Writer/director: Katherine Fitzgerald
Producers: Chris Barry and Jacob Stein

Filmmaker’s statement

Katherine Fitzgerald says:

“Although I have directed four other short films, Bread & Kisses is the first film I have written and directed. I found the process rewarding and challenging, and enjoyed the opportunity to develop my voice as a filmmaker.

Bread & Kisses juxtaposes two areas of interest for me: science and domesticity. The film is ultimately about balancing the head and the heart, the cerebral and the sensual, in order to live a fulfilling life.”

About Katherine Fitzgerald


Katherine Fitzgerald is a Toronto award-winning filmmaker and Gemini and DGC award-winning sound editor.

A graduate of the Women In the Director’s Chair workshop, and Sheridan Institute, she has directed five short films and is developing a feature through her production company Calliope Pictures.

Bread & Kisses is her first film as writer/director.


  1. Sharon Clarke

    this is one of the most beautiful poignant shorts I have ever seen. I watched it on Rewind on cable TV then rushed to my computer to google and watch again. Beautiful can’t wait to see more from you Katherine. Thank you for this perfect little bun of a movie.

  2. Carol Taylor

    This romantic short film is my favorite! I look forward to seeing more of your upcoming work! I am sure they will be excellent :)

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