La Khaima: The Tent of Mile-End

A portrait of Atigh Ould, the vibrant West African proprietor of one of Montreal’s most celebrated restaurants.

Here, people come together under the canopy of the khaima (Arabic for “tent”), enjoying the wisdom, humour and cuisine of the Sahara.

A meditation on identity and the value of community.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Adam Shamash

Filmmaker’s statement

Adam Shamash says:

La Khaima is an offbeat portrait of Atigh Ould, the charismatic proprietor of Montreal’s La Khaima restaurant. Atigh’s restaurant is a remarkable merging of his West African heritage with the culture of his newly-adopted Canadian homeland.

My intention in making this film was to capture some of Atigh’s magic and humour in order to prompt new perspectives towards both immigrant and Muslim communities in Canada.”

About Adam Shamash


Adam Shamash is an award-winning filmmaker whose work centres on themes of peacemaking, cultural diversity and spirituality in the contemporary context.

Since 2007, Adam has travelled and made films throughout Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. He believes that cinema has the power to promote greater understanding and tolerance in our often divided world.

He holds a BA in film production from Concordia University and is currently doing a masters in documentary production at Goldsmith’s University.

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