NSI programs short film lineup at Gimli Film Festival


The National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI) has partnered with Gimli Film Festival, which takes place July 24-28, to deliver the Best of the NSI Online Short Film Festival as part of the short film programming.

Selected from the NSI Online Short Film Festival archives, the six hours of programming includes comedy, drama, animation, documentary, sci-fi/horror and indigenous films. The seventh hour features an all-Manitoba program of films by local artists. Learn about a man who eats bees to survive, a serial killer who picks the wrong victim, a drunken tree, racist stereotypes, inter-generational rifts and the residential school system through music and documentary.

Launched in 2008, the NSI Online Short Film Festival is a year-round Canadian short film showcase with new films online every week.

Films screening at Gimli Film Festival will be eligible for two $1,000 audience awards – the Global Winnipeg Audience Choice Award for Best Canadian Short Film, and Global Winnipeg Audience Choice Award for Best Manitoba Short Film.

See the full film schedule and info on how to buy tickets.

Details on the short film programming can be found below.

Comedy program

10 a.m., Wednesday, July 24 (read more)

Brianne Nord-Stewart / 6:22 min. / BC / 2009

There comes a time in every kid’s life when they realize their parents are up to more than just “cleaning” their room.

Not Over Easy
Jordan Canning / 6:00 min. / NL / 2010

A woman fantasizes about a second chance with her boyfriend after a forgotten refrigerated gift leaves her picturing them as a couple of eggs.

Curse of the Jade Falcon
Tracy D. Smith / 8:13 min. / BC / 2008

This reinvention of the opening scene of The Maltese Falcon cannily slams Asian stereotypes.

The Dance
Pardis Parker / 10:02 min. / NS / 2011

Alex tries to impress his co-worker Jenny.

Brian G. Smith / 7:00 min. / ON / 2009

A mockumentary about love, desire, friends and furniture.

The Provider
Brianne Nord-Stewart / 8:17 min. / BC / 2011

A woman takes drastic action to feed her family.

Family First
Chris Hanratty / 6:56 min. / ON / 2010

Rob and Ashley’s big announcement brings a family dinner to a screeching halt.

Long Branch
Dane Clark, Linsey Stewart / 13:44 min. / ON / 2011

On a cold winter’s night, Lynn’s quest for a one-night stand is complicated when the guy she goes home with lives two hours away via public transit.

Andrew Bush / 6:00 min. / NS / 2008

A young man in search of an engagement ring endures a comical showdown with a sly pawnbroker, forcing him to stand up for himself once and for all.

Vagina Vacation
Erick Boychuk / 8:06 min. / BC / 2009

After having her 18th child, Nicole is ready to have another one right away. Her vagina, however, is not and takes off on vacation.

Documentary program

Noon, Wednesday, July 24 (read more)

Angelina Cantada / 9:00 min. / BC / 2011

Law student Josh is a motivational speaker, international athlete and artist born without arms, legs or limits. This is a day in his life.

Rock Pockets
Trevor Anderson / 6:00 min. / AB / 2007

A sugar rush of sex, politics and rock’n’roll as seen through the eyes of a 10-year-old boy at the fair.

Travels With My Brother
June Chua, Christine Alexiou / 16:00 min. / ON / 2009

The unique perceptions of a high-functioning autistic man are illustrated through a series of conversations with his sister.

State of Yo
Jason Karman / 8:00 min. / BC / 2007

Harvey Lowe won the world’s first yo-yo championship in 1932. He lost his father, experienced political and economic unrest, and a brain tumour. The yo-yo helped him regain his identity.

Bee Man
Robert Lendrum, Morris Lum, Drew Ferguson / 11:00 min. / ON / 2008

Robert Ireland is a beekeeper who has a complex relationship with bees. Not only are bees his livelihood, they also help keep him alive.

Indigenous program

2:30 p.m., Thursday, July 25 (read more)

I’m Not the Indian You Had in Mind
Thomas King / 4:41 min./ ON / 2007

An insight into how First Nations people today are changing old ideas and empowering themselves in the greater community.

The Floor
Dion Telesky / 4:38 min. / MB / 2010

A young woman wakes up face down on the floor of an abandoned hotel and tries to recall what happened the night before. Music by J.C. Campbell.

Danis Goulet / 16:16 min. / ON / 2010

A final visit to their isolated cabin reveals the inter-generational rift between father and son.

Lisa Jackson / 5:36 min. / ON / 2009

A residential school musical.

Against the Grain – The Legacy of the Indian Residential School System
Curtis Mandeville / 23:35 min. / AB / 2009

An exploration of the legacy of the residential school system looking at its history, present conditions and hopes for the future.

Sci-fi/horror program

7 p.m., Thursday, July 26 (read more)

David Hamelin, Neil Macdonald / 8:12 min. / YT / 2011

A young girl’s life takes a deadly turn after discovering a meteorite fragment.

The Grandfather Paradox
Jean-François Da Sylva / 7:40 min. / QC / 2006

If one is able to travel back in time and kill his grandfather before he can reproduce, who exactly is it that travelled back?

Lisa Newell / 14:00 min. / BC / 2010

A woman enters into a new kind of intensive therapy.

Doll Parts
Karen Lam / 9:16 min. / BC / 2011

A serial killer’s bad day gets worse when he picks up the wrong girl.

Marc Roussel / 19:24 min. / ON / 2008

A man tries to prevent the murder of a young woman living in his house 30 years in the past.

Drama program

1 p.m., Friday, July 26 (read more)

Birth Day
Juan Riedinger / 6:34 min. / BC / 2010

A father arrives late to his son’s birthday to say goodbye for the last time.

Stephen Dunn / 5:20 min. / ON / 2010

A young woman spends her entire life mourning her husband at the bottom of a cast iron bathtub after he is swallowed by a whale.

Pardis Parker / 12:00 min. / NS / 2008

An afternoon surprise forces two friends to make the best of a bad situation.

The Anti-versary
Aaron Au / 6:28 min. / BC / 2011

An elderly man celebrates his memories of the past before it’s too late.

The Quarry
Ryan Hanson / 12:45 min. / ON / 2010

Natalie’s last day with her best friend Charlie, 12, becomes memorable for the wrong reason.

Rusted Pyre
Laurence Cohen / 14:00 min. / AB / 2012

A ghost story told in an abandoned old car turns into a power struggle with a terrifying twist.

Manitoba program

5:30 p.m., Friday, July 26 (read more)

Anja Hladky / 4:50 min. / MB / 2013

A lonesome girl stumbles across a pair of spectacles in the snow.

Cynthia Wolfe-Nolin / 2:32 min. / MB / 2012

Physical improvised contact with the subject of faithlessness illustrates the art of nuance and motion.

Scott Fitzpatrick / 4:45 min. / MB / 2012

A spectral race to the top of a deconstructed department store escalator serves as a mediation between space and colour; a treatise on selfish perspective.

The Swimming Lesson
Ti Hallas / 3:11 min. / MB / 2013

On a sunny summer day, a swimming coach teaches her class tips on how to make it to the Olympics.

Party at Greg’s
Nicholas Friesen / 3:26 min. / MB / 2012

When Greg’s little sister decides to throw a party, nobody knew it would get this crazy! Featuring a cavalcade of faces from the Winnipeg music scene like they’ve never been seen before … as hand-drawn cartoons!

Is it My Turn?
Shelagh Carter / 5:48 min. / MB / 2012

A 3D black and white experimental film that explores the nature of creative female energy through dance.

Sea Legs
Rebecca Gibson / 16:11 min. / MB / 2012

A lonely boy is drawn from the monotony of waiting on his alcoholic father by the lure of a forbidden trunk in the basement.

Thought Camera, Reel one: “Circus of Objects”
Murray Toews / 3:23 min. / MB / 2012

An internal nightmare of a travelling circus.

Ne crâne pas sois modeste / Keep a Modest Head
Deco Dawson / 19:00 min. / MB / 2012

Jean Benoît, the last official member of the French Surrealist group, receives Deco Dawson’s signature visual treatment in a biography that fantastically illustrates Benoît’s formative (and highly sexual) childhood memories. Mixing interviews recorded in Benoît’s Parisian studio with Surrealist-inspired re-enactments, Dawson deconstructs documentary conventions to eulogize a formidable artist.

Bome Gnomeski
Curtis L. Wiebe / 2:43 min. / MB / 2012

A cautionary tale about a little tree who goes on a bender in the big city.

Animation program

10 a.m., Saturday, July 27 (read more)

Junko’s Shamisen
Sol Friedman / 10:51 min. / ON / 2009

A young Japanese peasant and her mystical friend exact a gruesome poetic revenge on a malevolent samurai lord.

Megan Turnbull / 4:31 min. / ON / 2010

A girl is transported through time and witnesses the evolution of a city.

Kisses & Tears
Adolfo Ruiz / 3:18 min. / AB / 2007

An adulterous encounter is brought to an end when an unexpected visitor knocks on the door.

Poor Billy
Christian Goutsis, Dan McManus / 4:41 min. / AB / 2012

A small boy attends his parent’s funeral and hears the reading of their will.

Road Regrets
Jon Busby / 4:42 min. / BC / 2009

This music video for Dan Mangan’s hit single uses 3D and 2D animation to illustrate the story of an old Ford Model T.

The Art of Drowning
Diego MacLean / 2:08 min. / BC / 2010

Based on a poem by Billy Collins, The Art of Drowning ponders what awaits us at the end of the line.

The Origin of Ocean Rabbit
Alison Davis / 4:31 min. / MB / 2010

The untimely death of a girl’s imaginary pet frog leads to the creation of her sister’s imaginary friend, Ocean Rabbit.

The Last Feast
Marc Beurteaux / 6:00 min. / ON / 2008

Irving, a mindless drone, steals from the graves of the dead to fulfill his greedy masters’ desire.

Sheona McDonald / 4:00 min. / BC / 2009

Two people touch, teach and love each other from the beginning of one life to the end of another.


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