Where’s your entry for the Bite TV comedy web series competition? Deadline April 15

Okay, this is the homestretch. April 15 – that’s next Monday – is the deadline for submissions to the Bite TV’s Comedy Web Series Competition. So where is your entry? There’s still time but not much.

Get your entry in. They’re not at the 100 cap yet – don’t be disappointed – a development deal … maybe YOUR development deal is on the line.

Read on…

The folks at Bite TV are looking for the next hit web series. If you’re a comedy creator, digital content developer, producer or just someone with a great idea they want to hear from you! This is your chance to get a development deal to produce a comedy web series pilot for Bite.ca. Upload a five minute video pitch including a bit about you and your comedy web series idea.

Bite TV is accepting submissions for comedy concepts not currently under development at a network, studio or major production company and meeting all other criteria in the terms and conditions.

The first 100 entries will be considered and three finalists will be selected to come and pitch their comedy concepts live to a panel of industry professionals (NSI included) at Second City in Toronto on May 7, 2013.

Check out the Bite TV website for more details and apply now – deadline is April 15, 2013.


  1. BillyBob

    When will the finalists be notified? Will it be posted publicly somewhere?

    • Hi BillyBob – finalists will be announced the middle of next week.

  2. Mike D

    I’m wondering if we are allowed to put our project up on IndieGogo or kickstarter in addition to submitting to this competition?

    • Yes you can go after Indiegogo or any other crowdfunding. Any budget info you want to present is welcome.

  3. Matty

    For the demo, does the material need to be a sizzle/footage for your pitch, or can it be a selection/montage of your earlier work?

    • Hi Matty – you have the option of providing what you think is best to to get your idea across – whether you tell us what it is or show us what it is … this is your video, your entry and your chance to convince us that you have the best idea!

  4. Matty A

    I have some great ideas, but with 5 days till deadline, definitely can’t produce any sort of promo for them. Will a demo of my previous work and my to camera pitch(es) be enough to make a submission?

  5. I’d like to clarity some confusion over the rights and material use.

    We aren’t asking for ownership or copyright to concept, format or creative. That stays
    with the writer.

    The rights we are asking for is for the use to the submitted application materials (video, photos. etc.), that Bite may want to use on any platform in connection to the web series contest.

    I hope that clarifies the confusion and you send in your application! We have two more weeks until the deadline.

  6. The language in the terms of the competition indicate that if we submit an application, Bite then exclusively OWNS our submitted materials, even if we don’t win the competition.

    This would mean that we can’t then go and try to create our webseries through other means, because Bite owns our idea. The terms then go on to say that Bite has exclusive rights use our materials however it wants, forever, without compensating us in any way. It also specifies, later in the terms, that any music used in the presentations will also be owned by Bite. Is this true? This is a really bad deal for the creators of these webseries.

    “By submitting my Official Application, I hereby consent to the recording, use, and reuse by Bite TV, Executive Producer, and/or any of their respective licensees, assigns, parents, agents, subsidiaries, affiliated or related entities (the “Releasees”) to exclusively own any Official Application materials (videos, photographs, etc.) that I may have provided in connection with my Official Application or for participation in the Competition and any photos and video or recordings of any kind that Bite TV and/or Producer will make in connection with the Competition and my Official Application…”

    • Lauren MacD

      Hi Helena, thank you for your comments. We’re looking into your questions and will get back to you as soon as we can.

    • Nathan Fleet

      Indeed. In reading it it seems that they get 100 ideas submitted for free that they can own and produce themselves. And for such a defined TERMS section it casually says (video, photographs etc…) Please define “etc” . I have an idea but not willing to drop it on this just yet.

      • Hi Nathan – I’ve posted some clarification to help answer your question. Please see the original blog post.

  7. What is the winner awarded? The only thing I can find is that the 3 finalists get to pitch their show, but I can’t find any information about what the winner actually receives. More information please!

    • Hi Helena – the winning finalist gets a development deal with Bite to produce a comedy web series pilot.

      • Thanks for your answer. And in regards to what EncourageFreshFilms was commenting on, will there be a daily tally posted somewhere of how many submissions have been received so we can gauge whether we still have time to finish our videos? I remember the NSI doing something similar to the past when a grant program was only accepting a limited number of entries.

  8. EncourageFreshFilms

    wait, so ONLY the first 100 videos are up for review? that hardly seems fair – you’re not asking anyone to meet a deadline, you’re having a race – why have a deadline if you’re not going to accept ALL SUBMISSIONS until the last minute? I wouldn’t expect the NSI to encourage filmmakers to just dust off old material and submit and scoff someone that wants to take a moment and create something fresh, new. – ” oh, sorry, you took two weeks, and we already have a 100 submissions so, maybe keep it aside and wait for another contest to pop up and hopefully it’s still relevant”. –

    • Thanks for your comment. After this competition is over, we’ll evaluate all aspects of it and certainly consider your comment. In the meantime, we hope you consider entering the Bite TV Comedy Web Series and wish you good luck with your projects.

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