Mother Father Son

Composed of a series of family photographs and military archival footage, the filmmaker traces his father’s participation in the assault of Dresden as a navigator in the Royal Canadian Air Force (a bombing that his father would subsequently describe as a ‘war crime’) and in the process, creates a powerful and relevant statement on the government’s role (and complicity) as a ‘weapon of mass destruction’ in its pervasive and expedient manipulation of information.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Oliver Hockenhull

Director’s statement

Oliver Hockenhull says:

“Honored to share with you something of importance, important to me as an individual and as a citizen of Canada.

The personal is in this short film, very political and has to do with understanding and being moved by historical and world events. That the possibilities of utopia, of freedom and holistic and truthful expression exists in all of us – before it is subsumed and infected by the distortions and waste of a politics (and a media) of the expediences of power and authoritarianism.”

About Oliver Hockenhull

Oliver Hockenhull

Oliver Hockenhull works in film, video, hyper media installations, writing and design.

He is a documentarian, screenwriter, communication theorist, stand-up philosopher, essayist and lecturer, and has taught at Northwestern University in Chicago. He is an alumni of the Canadian Film Centre and the film department of Simon Fraser University.

His films are iconoclastic, visionary meals spiced by an intimate, poetic and enlightening perspective into the complexity of the issues and subjects under examination.

He has concentrated on pivotal subjects: the social and intellectual import of the eminent writer, Aldous Huxley; an experimental film essay on evolution featuring Richard Dawkins (and the gorillas of the London Zoo); an essay on ‘the built environment’ extending from the early works of Mies van der Rohe to the steps of the Burning Ghats of Varanasi; an installation that questions ‘chance’ – as quantum indeterminate noise – to edit film; a feature comedy on Shabbatai Zevi, ‘the other’ great Jewish Messiah … the preceding a sampling of the artist’s creative entanglements.

His films have shown at such festivals and venues as the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam, Netherlands; National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC; Festival Internacional de Arte Experimental, Bilbao, Spain; Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil; Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal; Economie Zero, Paris; Lausanne Underground Film Festival, Switzerland; Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia; Vancouver International Film Festival; the Museum of Modern Art, New York City; Chicago International Film Festival and many others. His works have also been broadcast on Canadian and European television.

His latest feature documentary, Neurons to Nirvana: The Great Medicines will be released by Mangusta Films in association with Moksha Media, Big Picture Media Corporation and Elevate Films in 2013. He is seeking a Canadian production company for a new dramatic script – in the manner of Alejandro González Iñárritu – and has numerous documentary films that also require financing.

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