New in the NSI Online Short Film Fest: hardcore therapy and friendlier stop signs


Another two brand-new films for you in this week’s NSI Online Short Film Festival.

In Therapy, directed by Lisa Newell and written by Meeshelle Neal, a disparaged Theresa enters into a new kind of intensive therapy. Left alone in a room with a seemingly perfect version of herself she realizes this form of therapy isn’t conventional; it’s kill or be killed and she must discover her inner strength before this personified hatred wins and all is lost forever.

It’s a pretty intense short film and not for the faint of heart.

Meeshelle and Lisa say, “People have often asked me where I found my inspiration for writing Therapy and my response is that I was haunted by the story, enduring restless sleep for two weeks until finally I sat down and it wrote itself.

After we completed filming this piece I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. It was an extremely powerful and humbling experience to not only write the story but be in it as well. Playing Theresa/Theresa2 was difficult in ways I had never imagined. I was pushed to places I normally run away from/keep hidden but all throughout the process Lisa was there for me.’

In the hilarious OK TV, directed by Chris Deacon, a city councillor proposes a ‘friendlier’ stop sign. Michael McMurtry plays all the characters.

Chris says, “OK TV was conceived as a showcase for Michael McMurtry and several of the characters he’s created over the years.

In an impressive display of chameleon-like gymnastics, Michael underwent six full hair, makeup and costume changes throughout the day; unabashedly stripping down behind trees, parked cars and in university corridors while we raced from location to location. Next time we’ll budget for an A.D.!”

See the full lineup of new films.


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