Going Outside

Shot throughout Toronto over three seasons: spring, summer and fall, Going Outside marries the precise and lyrical cityscapes shot by filmmaker Mark Fiorillo with the evocative musings of acclaimed poet Sonnet L’Abbé.

The emphasis is on the richness of the exterior life and the structures, both natural and artificial, that give it its shape.

Creative team

Writer: Sonnet L’Abbé
Director/producer: Mark Fiorillo

Director’s statement

Mark Fiorillo says:

Going Outside was a chance for me to examine ‘things’ anew and by things I’m referring to the plethora of structures, parks, skylines, etc…that I walk by and through in my daily life.

The poetry of Sonnet L’Abbé added an extra dimension to the film, a personality and narrative complexity that I would not have been able to achieve on my own.

Throughout the making of this film, I fell in love with the idea of re-framing one’s surroundings, thus giving them new meaning, through the act of filmmaking. It’s an approach that I hope to use in future projects as well.”

About Mark Fiorillo


Mark is a Toronto-based filmmaker who’s been making films since 2003, first using Super 8 cameras from the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto.

Of late, his twin focus consists of feature-length stories and shorter, more personal, experimental works.

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