After a fight with her mother, Sara has one last chance to prove she’s responsible to be left home alone. Within that time, she finds herself faced with an unplanned pregnancy, only a little more complicated: within minutes the child is born!

And with every minute the child ages much faster than usual. Tasked with being a single mom, Sara experiences every stage of motherhood and it becomes obvious she is the one who is growing up.

Creative team

Writer: Michael Jacobson
Director/producer: Zia Marashi
Producer: Dani Eggen

Director’s statement

Zia Marashi says:

“Tucker was exciting for me as it was my first time working with such a large cast and, more importantly, the first time I worked with child actors. It was also the last film I’d be directing as a student with Capilano University. Needless to say this film was very exciting for me.

The script of Tucker was originally a slapstick comedy which I would compare to movies like Encino Man or the Beethoven movies. The script was funny but when I was attached I wanted to explore new ideas. We tried to flesh out the characters more, Tucker and Sara’s relationship in particular, wanting to find the borders of how ‘unconditional’ unconditional love can be.

I also wanted to strengthen the films symbolism about how life can seem so short if you ignore how important family is, which reflected initially in the life of Tucker and eventually in the life of Sara.

There were many obstacles in the making of this film, some that seemed insurmountable and I can honestly say it was the hardest film I’ve ever directed. There was a shadow over this show but it was overcome and the film was made, which I believe is a testament to all those involved and to Capilano University.

Tucker is about family, love and a boy who lived his life in a day, and I hope people will find things to enjoy about it on all different levels. To me Tucker’s most lasting impression is how it made me “grow” as a filmmaker.”

About Zia Marashi

Zia Marashi

Inventive Canadian film director/producer/writer/actor Zia Marashi first came to the attention of his film fans (a total of 12 people and 2 cats) with the dramatic, yet darkly humorous, low-budget short film The Empty Room Club (2008).

Since his childhood Marashi has been a fan of cinema and before he was 10 years old, he was out making movies with an old video camera and his action figures. Much of Marashi’s film work in his teens was brash satire comedy based around what he had observed from years of watching The Simpsons.

The subject matter of many of Marashi’s films often deal with reluctant protagonists who start out in the story as downtrodden or self-doubtful, frustrated with life, love or their professions. He often begins his films with segments taken from the middle or end of the story.

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