The latest funding picks from the CMF get a thumbs up from Kellie Ann Benz

Last week, the Canada Media Fund (CMF) put the fun in funding for a number of creative content folks across the country.

Why is this news now? Well because quite frankly this is the first list that hasn’t inspired a ‘meh’ from this author.

After a year of speaking to Canadians on their cross-country, calm-the-nerves road trip and producing an application form for the Experimental Stream that requires a law degree to decipher (seriously, they refer to it themselves as an ‘Evaluation Matrix’), it’s nice to see some cool projects on their approved list.

In total, the CMF has put $16.8 million into 51 projects from production companies from coast to coast. Some of those projects are unique web-based storytelling projects. Standing out for me were a number of them, namely LouLou67, Indigenous Tales and The Travel Detective.

  • LouLou67 – only available en français – is described as an interactive project broadcast allowing visitors to influence the future events of the show using their webcams. Users act sort of like production assistants whose very action moves the story along. It’s being produced by Turbulent Media Inc. in Montreal.
  • Indigenous Tales – is a really exciting idea born from the creative brains at Vancouver’s Rival Schools who have engaged short filmmaker Marilyn Thomas to help animate ebooks of Canadian Aboriginal mythological tales for a broad international audience. The library of stories will be available in the app marketplace and will be in English, French, Spanish and a wide variety of First Nation languages.
  • The Travel Detective – is a game made for iOS (aka Apple’s mobile operating system) and GPS devices that allows a player to search different continents for the artefacts and clues to solve a mystery. No doubt, intended to broaden the appeal of partner broadcaster Travel Channel, it’s targeted at 18-24 year old travellers; specifically those kids who use their iPhone as an appendage, even while on vacation. The producers on this one are Mississauga’s GlassBox Media Inc.

Other stand outs for me, for sheer cool factor, included: Eat Sleep Ride Mobile by Ontario’s Kissaki Red a mobile device that lets motorcycle riders track and map their rides and share touchstones along the way; Greenspace, from Ontario’s iThentic Canada Inc. is an environment stimulation app that lets users share their good green deeds with the community; Digital Indigenous Democracy by Quebec’s Isuma Distribution International Ltd. is a low-cost innovation which links slow-speed, low-bandwidth Inuit communities with the world while preserving their unique language and culture. Others that caught my attention were, Secret Ponchos, Supiki and USend Live.

Take a look at the whole list of experimental projects supported by the CMF in this latest round of funding.

They’ve got an impressive list of Canadian and international jury members so we hope this trend towards inspiring projects continues.

Kellie Ann Benz writes about short film and web series on the NSI website. Read Kellie’s own blog The Shorts Report

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